Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Junior Bridesmaid/Flower Girl dresses revealed!!

I hope you all realize how much I love you, loyal readers.  I was at work for 12 hours yesterday, and am anticipating even longer work days for the rest of the week (just nine more days of work til the wedding....just nine more days of work til the wedding...), so I woke up early this morning to get ready so I could post this.  I haven't had a second to even log into my online banking, or to check my personal emails in the past day.

Okay, some business first.  Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Saturday was IN-frickin-CREDIBLE!  I wish to do it justice, so the recap will have to wait.  Also, tomorrow is my final dress fitting, and remember my diet?  Smaller portion sizes, 10 minutes of exercise per day, no fried food, more veggies, limited snacking, etcetera?  I've been doing the opposite of that.  So we'll see how that goes.

 Alright, ready for the dresses?

 For the original post on these designs, click here.




Seriously, don't I have the most beautiful cousins ever? I am in LOOOVE with the dresses, and I can't wait to see these gorgeous girls!


  1. Their dresses are gorgeous, and follow the designs just about perfectly!

  2. Girrrrrl, you did way more than 10 minutes of exercise on the dance floor Saturday night! I wouldn't worry! These dresses are amazing, I am so impressed and I can't wait to meet these talented chicas!

  3. Their dresses are so pretty :) Love the colors!


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